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Facetime App - The Best Of Video Calling Apps For You

Gone were the days where you tempted to see your loved ones but can do nothing about it. Facetime Video calling is mainstream now. No smartphone or laptop now comes without a front camera and all are compatible with video calling feature. Video calling is pretty much easy if you are using the right app. Yes! You may require a third-party app most probably (some phones comes with pre-installed apps for video calling).

NOTE: Find out the Latest tutorial of how to install and download facetime for pc & windows computer. facetime is video calling app for iOS and mac.

Some apps may restrict you by providing primitive features or with buggy software or just poor interface. Don’t worry! We are here to help to sort out few of the best apps available all around the world to have seamless video calling experience with your loved ones. These apps will work no matter what’s your device’s platform is, i.e. Android or iOS. So let’s check out the coolest apps to have a face-to-face chat with your friends or colleagues.

1. Skype

This is one of the longest running and most popular video calling and messaging apps in the industry. Skype is now currently owned by Microsoft. Video calling feature requires this app to be installed on both end devices. iPhone and iPad i.e. iOS devices can download and install from Apple’s App Store and on the other hand, Android users can snag it from Google Play Store. The software and video calls or other features in Skype are free to download use. Just start the app, find the contact you want to call and tap on the video call icon. Skype has another great benefit over its usage. This app is also available for Windows computer or Mac device.

2. Facebook Messenger

Started as a texting app, Facebook Messenger initiated video calling later on with constant updates. If you are using Facebook, chances are that you also have messenger app downloaded on your device and if not, then you can get it from the Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Just open up the chat of your friend and tap on the camera look-alike icon to start a video call.

You can also do video calls from your laptop or desktop with suitable hardware. Just browse the desktop site of Facebook’s, click on any of your friend’s name from the list on the right side (if you don’t see your friend’s name then search in the lower right of your display) and once the chat window pops up, click on the camera icon. Ou can receive Messenger calls in all of your devices including computers (with suitable browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox etc.)

3. Google Duo

This cool app from Google is available on both Android and iOS-based devices. Google claims it to be the highest quality video calling app and it’s pretty much true. Google Duo needs to be present with both end devices to enjoy video calling between them. The app’s interface is pretty simple and it’s also free. The only problem you may find that it’s quite new in the market and many of your friends may not be aware of it.

4. WhatsApp Messenger

Another free app available across all platforms, an especially mobile based messenger app is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has one of the largest network presentin almost all smartphones. There is a desktop version of the app too, but it requires a WhatsApp account running on your smartphone. WhatsApp Video Calling over here is pretty simple and of good quality too. So these were few of the best apps around the world providing good quality video calling features to connect with your friends, family or colleagues. All of them are with easy UI and free to use too!


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